Saturday, March 19, 2011

Calamity in JAPAN (Oh NO!!!!!)

WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????? WHY IN JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!???????? Family, Cousins, Friends, People in Japan, I hope that all of you are fineL.
I was so shocked when I heard that Japan was……WHY!!!!?????? TSUNAMI AND EARTHQUAKE!!!!!

And then when I checked in the Internet, I saw the video that the Tsunami hit in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Tsunami’s big wave was 10 meters and the Earthquake magnitude was 9. I was so scared that time because I was worried about the people there. Especially my parents were so worried about my Grandmother and Grandfather’s condition. They even said that the airport in Sendai was flooded because of the Tsunami.

Aftershock, I saw pictures in Sendai, then, all cars, houses were destroyed. I heard in a Japanese News that after they removed the mess at Sendai, they saw many people were buried dead. Many survived people cried too much because one of their love ones was lost and dead. I felt so sorry for the people in Sendai because of the strong Tsunami. I know that Japan is a very rich country, but like that kind of situation, many people will be suffer in hunger, and many people don’t have any shelter, money, or their belongings. My dad said that all the patients in the Sendai Hospital were dead. (Of course)

Nuclear Radiation has also threatening the people in Japan after the nuclear explosion in Fukushima. All people in Japan were wearing masks already because of the strong radiation. There was News that they put many water around in Fukushima but it wasn’t enough because they don’t have electricity and the water pump is off. They couldn’t find any water supply, so the radiation continues. My dad also said that the radiation level is now 5, once its level 7, half of the people in Japan should evacuate. Right now, the Filipinos in Japan are going home to their country because the Japanese need to restore their home at once. The Japanese don’t want the foreigners to be in their country because they don’t want the foreigners get hurt.

I understand the people in Japan, so let’s just pray for the people in Japan. As we pray on and on, they might restore it immediately. Even now, the people in the Philippines are still worried their love ones in Japan. Let us pray for them. And help them and restore their country.

Maybe, my family and I can’t go to Japan because of this. Or maybe we’ll have a chance to go there.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

My favorite FOOD *Yumm*

Hmm… My favorite food huh? Actually, I have a lot of favorite foods. Like, Japanese foods, Singigang, Adobong Manok and more.
When we celebrate my Birthday every year, I always think of a food, SPAGHETTI. Spaghetti is my MOST favorite food when it comes to celebrations. Heheh..

Japanese foods like Sushi, Teriyaki, Tonkatsu etc. My MOST favorite Japanese food is SHAKE OR SALMONJ. In Sushi, we call it Shake Sushi. (I don’t know why some people call it SHUSHI instead of SUSHI LOL) *drools* Oh c’mon! I eat a lot of Sushi already!!! >.< Can’t take it anymore!!! Well, enough for that…

In Mc Donald, I ALWAYS ordered 6 pieces of chicken nuggets, and 2 large fries. Those are also my favorite foods. PIZZA is also my MOST favorite food when it comes to SPECIAL celebrations. And TAKOYAKI, yummm….. I always wanted to eat that when I think of it.

I have a lot more favorite foods. I can’t say because it’s too muchJ. These are just my MOST FAVORITE FOODS OF ALL TIMES. Feels like “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE MY FOODS!!!!!!!!” hahahahah…!!!! LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

So much for that…Well, I love eating foods! That’s all :D (I’m hungry already :DDD)

(: HS2 Computer class and my Teacher :)

Ahh…Computer Class…One of my favorite subjects. It makes me feel like I want to be an Animator already!!!! Like what I said: My Dream is to become an Animator. It also makes my mind relax. It felt like you don’t have any problems, just focusing on our topic in Computer Class. And or teacher, is…..SIR WENG CARBALLO!!!!! JJJJJ

I was surprised when our teacher was Sir Weng in computer class. I know our classmates are nervous and scared because of Sir Weng was being so strict these past days. My classmates were so quiet in our computer class every Thursday. (you know, they were so noisy in our classroom like we were in a Zoo.) But for me, I’m fine with Sir Weng. He doesn’t look so strict, he’s kind a like a nice and kind teacher. Sir Weng is also sometimes very funny and makes jokes a lot. He was one of the great computer teachers I know.

In our computer class, Sir Weng gave us a lot of Activities. Like back at the 1st Quarter, we had a lesson called “HTML”. I know….it’s hard. But I’ve memorized some of HTML codes. (It’s so hard to memorize! >.<) Even in 2nd and 3rd Quarter we had that kind of lesson too. But in 3rd Quarter that time we used Dreamweaver. And now, our topic this 4th Quarter is……..MAKING A BLOG SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was surprised and happy when Sir Weng said we will make our Blog site. I felt “YES!!!!!!!!!!!! BLOG SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHHHHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” like that. And there! This Blog site is for our computer class. We all love to make blogs because it’s fun J

I’m so glad that there’s a computer subject. Making these blogs makes our classmates and I can get closer by reading each other’s posts.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My school, Bloomfield Academy

When I heard about “Bloomfield” it reminds me of an imagination…A field of blooming flowers and dreams…It is so nice to hear this kind of word. It is so peaceful feeling when I hear this word. How about you? Can you feel it inside?

Bloomfield Academy…There are a lot of nice and kind teachers in this school. Not only the teachers, even students, administrators and maintenance and more. We also have a lot of activities (like now, we have culminating activities) and events. And we attended mass every first Friday of the Month. I like about this school because this school is Catholic school and almost all of them are Christ-centered. There are a lot of reasons I like about Bloomfield Academy. Even my Parents loves Bloomfield Academy. That’s why my mom always attended mass in my school too. (my dad is a Buddhist and that time, he’s at work)

I know our school is small, but big in our dreams.

All teachers in this school are very good at teaching. Once they teach you the basic, you get it already. That’s why we students are great in studies already. Smile 

And the students in this school are very friendly. I was the new student in this school year 2010 – 2011. And then after few days, I have many friends already. I felt like “Wow! The students in this school are very kind and friendly!”.

Studying here in Bloomfield is fun. Sometimes they are strict, but they are always nice Smile. I really can’t say about this school because it’s very nice school. I want to make our to be more like a “A field filled with DREAMS”.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Favorite Sport!

Some people like sports..some people don’t like sports because they’re too lazy. Sport is one of the most important event in your life. It makes you to be more physically and mentally fit. And more importantly sports makes you more thin and right Smile. There are many sports this kind of century. Like, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming and more.

Now I would like to tell you some of my favorite sports.

First is SWIMMING. Why? When I was young like kinder, we had swimming lesson in our school. I was too scared to go in the pool and too scared that I might drown. But few months later I began to train myself and there!~~I trained and trained and becoming better. When I was in Grade 6, my time limit was 48 seconds in 25 meter freestyle. And now, my latest time limit is 23 seconds in 50 meter freestyle. Good huh??

Second is SOCCER. My dad teaches me Soccer because he’s the coach manager before in Japanese Football Association. And my grandfather is the most popular soccer player in Japan ONLY. But right now he’s retiring. Too bad. As I was saying, my favorite sport is Soccer because I was the captain of Female Soccer before in my other school. I was the corner kicker and the shooter. it’s kind a hard though it was fun.

Lastly is KENDO. What is Kendo? Kendo is a swordsmanship Martial Arts and it was from Japan. But, we are using a “Bamboo Sword” or “Wooden Sword”. I’m using Wooden Sword now. We use our Katana or Japanese sword as our design or decoration. My dad also teaches me Kendo. He was the “Black Belt” rank. What do we wear? We are wearing just like this Anime background. It’s hot when you wear it but it’s traditional. I like this sport because it’s fun. Not just because it’s fun, there are many things that can’t tell about this sport. Hehe..

Having a favorite sport makes you be more active and more fun. But sometimes when you lose, you feel sad. But that’s okay. Sport is just not for winning in a tournament it’s also having a experience of what you had expressed.