Saturday, March 19, 2011

Calamity in JAPAN (Oh NO!!!!!)

WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????? WHY IN JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!???????? Family, Cousins, Friends, People in Japan, I hope that all of you are fineL.
I was so shocked when I heard that Japan was……WHY!!!!?????? TSUNAMI AND EARTHQUAKE!!!!!

And then when I checked in the Internet, I saw the video that the Tsunami hit in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Tsunami’s big wave was 10 meters and the Earthquake magnitude was 9. I was so scared that time because I was worried about the people there. Especially my parents were so worried about my Grandmother and Grandfather’s condition. They even said that the airport in Sendai was flooded because of the Tsunami.

Aftershock, I saw pictures in Sendai, then, all cars, houses were destroyed. I heard in a Japanese News that after they removed the mess at Sendai, they saw many people were buried dead. Many survived people cried too much because one of their love ones was lost and dead. I felt so sorry for the people in Sendai because of the strong Tsunami. I know that Japan is a very rich country, but like that kind of situation, many people will be suffer in hunger, and many people don’t have any shelter, money, or their belongings. My dad said that all the patients in the Sendai Hospital were dead. (Of course)

Nuclear Radiation has also threatening the people in Japan after the nuclear explosion in Fukushima. All people in Japan were wearing masks already because of the strong radiation. There was News that they put many water around in Fukushima but it wasn’t enough because they don’t have electricity and the water pump is off. They couldn’t find any water supply, so the radiation continues. My dad also said that the radiation level is now 5, once its level 7, half of the people in Japan should evacuate. Right now, the Filipinos in Japan are going home to their country because the Japanese need to restore their home at once. The Japanese don’t want the foreigners to be in their country because they don’t want the foreigners get hurt.

I understand the people in Japan, so let’s just pray for the people in Japan. As we pray on and on, they might restore it immediately. Even now, the people in the Philippines are still worried their love ones in Japan. Let us pray for them. And help them and restore their country.

Maybe, my family and I can’t go to Japan because of this. Or maybe we’ll have a chance to go there.


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