Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Summer this 2011

Yes! Summer is near!! I hope our Summer will be great! Every year me and my family always have Summer plans. But some of our plans didn’t worked. But this year, I want to make our plans come true.

Do you remember I told you about when I was in Japan? (if you didn’t remember it’s in my “About Myself”) I’ve said that I would wish I can go back to Japan right? Well, that’s our plan for this year’s Summer. Right now Japan is in the season of Spring. Maybe we might go to Japan this April. (we are not really sure o_O)

Our plan is, when we go to Japan (of course we will stay at my grandmother’s house) we will go first to the shopping mall. Then Tokyo Disney Land, Tokyo Disney Sea, Sea Paradise and then Nasu. Sea Paradise is like an Amusement Park. And Nasu is a place near to Saitama Prefecture and my grandmother’s old house is there. It’s very nice place someday I can show you the pictures and videos of this place. As I was saying, if you don’t know where is Saitama Prefecture, it’s near to Tokyo. Recently we are staying in Yokohama. Yokohama is also a big city like Tokyo. We might also go to Kyoto or Osaka or Okinawa.These places are very rich in our influence. Lastly, since my birthday is in June 10, I might celebrate there in Japan. (oh no! I’m going to be 15 years old!! O_o)

We will go a lot of places in Japan. Why? Because we really missed a lot staying there. We were hoping that we can be able to have a enjoyable life in Japan. We also want to go there in Christmas, but our plan was failed last year. (there was full of snow in Nasu that winter!!) I’m sure this Summer will be a BLAST!!!!!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

!My Idol!

I see everybody has an idol. Some of their idols are celebrities, sports players, famous people and so on. Well some of them make their idols as their inspiration. You know why? For me, people think their idols are very cool, intelligent, very attractive or maybe just because that their idol is handsome or beautiful.

This time, my category is all about TEACHER-IDOL. (it’s for our project Smile) My teacher is now in Bloomfield Academy. I won’t tell you the name but I can describe about her. She is excellent in teaching, she is very kind and very thoughtful. sometimes she is very strict but inside her heart she is a very kind teacher. there are more about her but I can’t tell enough.

We really love our teachers in our school. Why? Because they are trying to make us having a better future. They also gives us knowledge to know why we need to have an education. I really understand about how they feel. If the teachers won’t give up so am I. We students sacrifice ourselves to make our teachers happy. We hoped that our teachers will be proud because of what we did some good things. We sometimes are scared of teachers because of what we did wrong to them. But the truth is, we really love our teachers. We always care for them. We try our best to be able to be a successful person. We hoped that the teachers will be a successful person too.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Las Pinas City Jail o_O

Hey Guys! How was your day? Well, mine, was so fun!!!! Of course we had a club.. But after that we the Siglo Chorale (singing group) went to Las Pinas City Jail!!! You know why? Because we did something wrong!!!
JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!! >.<
The truth is, we are going to perform for the female inmates. I was so scared at first, but, when I saw the faces of the female inmates, they looked so innocent. I thought they were so serious but, they were too kind! They laughed at our performance too!!! J
Well.. So much for that..
After we performed, we went back to our school and ate lunch!! (I was so hungry! The food was delicious!!)
*That reminds me.. when we passed through the men inmates.. I was scared!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is LOVE???

What is love? Well, for me, Love is one the important thing in one person’s life. It also means “Soul Mate”. When you fell in love with a boy/girl, you show your feelings and your emotions right? But some other people were too shy to show their feelings to the person that he/she loves. Some other people say that making a love is too risky. It’s true but you need to have to try your best so that he/she may fell in love with you. They may call it “Love is BLIND”. When you saw your friend is falling in love with someone, try to support him/her. Right now, I also support my friend, because I want her to be happy. That’s my real support.

Of course, you can show your love to your family, cousins, your best friends and GOD.

Some people try their best but they didn’t really act natural. I’d tried to ask them to act natural but they keeping on acting cool, trying to be cute and more. You should not act something that doesn’t belong to your attitude. Because the person you love may not fall in love. Just act natural so your crush will know what is your REAL attitude.

If you want to be successful, DON’T GIVE UP. JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. -Chiaki

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Lonely Girl"

I'll tell you a short story.
There was a young girl who is very kind, cheerful and very active. She even participate and cooperate well in her school. But, there's only one thing we don't know about her.
She had best friends in her old school. They have same attitude like her. But, when she transfered, she felt different. That school she just transfered, she noticed that almost all of the girls were flirting. She said that she don't like flirty friends. but she decided to be friendly with them. After 1 year, all of her friends almost ignored her. She thought, 'I feel like I'm invisible. When I talk to them they just don't reply. Why it always happen like this?' she keeps on thinking of how she can conclude her question. But she could'nt find any answer. She said 'It's alright. Even though they keep on ignoring me I still have my old friends inside my heart.'  She hoped that she and her friends will have an relationship again.
You know what happened in the end? Well, guess it. When you ignored one friend, what do you feel when you read this short story? You feel like pityful right? Or maybe when you were ignored, what do you feel? You feel that your lonely right?
At least she have an understandable cat :))

Friday, February 4, 2011

You want to know more about me and my family?

Got bored..So I just post these pictures!
Me and my Family! 
My Parents!
The Siblings! (heheh)
Me playing the Japanese drum called "Wadaiko"
Ronald or Ronaldo?
Night time Festival. Oh yeah, this is a Japanese Festival called "Bon Odori Taikai".
Can you see people wearing Kimono? (it's our National costume) 
They are dancing for celebrating our Festival.
Wadaiko club performing for the Festival. (I was the President o_O)
This is my sister's cat. CUTE!
Lastly, this is my cat. REALLY CUTE!!

Well, that's all for now. I will post some more pictures next time. See you again!


You know..Everybody has DREAMS. I have one VERY IMPORTANT DREAM OF MY LIFE. Well, you see, when you see a person who's thinking of his/her future, that means he/she is trying to achieving his/her GOAL. That is the person who I must trust. Because, dreams are very important, trying to make your own future and more importantly (for me) is making our human race HAPPY.

Now, let's start from when I was 6 years old. At that time, I drew a cartoon, a nice cartoon. And one of friends said that I'm a good drawer and maybe I could be an Animator. What's an Animator? Well, according to my parents, Animator is making an Anime Television show, so that people can be entertained. I approve my friend's request and started to draw many cartoons as possible. While I draw an Anime, I asked myself. "Do I really think I can be able to be an Animator?" I stop drew and thinked. My best friend came and told me, "What's wrong? Why did you stop drawing?" I said "Can I ask you something? Do you really think I can be an Animator?" my best friend thinks, and she answered, "Yes. It's really perfect for you. Because you have a lot of confidence, that's what really Animators need." I smiled and laugh.

Really? Do I have a lot of confidence to draw? If I show you guys, maybe I'll find an answer.

Someone told me, "Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined." I surprised, and think of what did I do in the past. If your surprised about this, think now about your future, imagine yourself in the future.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

About Me

Hi! My name is Chiaki Loredo Yamaji. I am half Japanese and Filipina. (Notice my name is JapaneseJ) I'm studying now in Bloomfield Academy, and I'm 2nd year High school Student. My father's name is Yujiro, my mother's name is Jocelyn, my sister's name is Jocelle and my little brother's name is Hiroto. (See? Some are Japanese names and some are in FilipinoJ)

Well, as you can see this is my first time to make a blog. Usually I don't make any blog. But since this is for my project, I'll do my best to be able to have high gradeJ. (I hope so..)

Now I'll tell you about myself.

When I was 6 years old, me and my family went to Japan. (I felt sick when I was in the airplane. O_o) when we arrived there, I felt so refreshed and relaxed. (Ohhh…I missed those times.) My family and I had so much fun that time. We went to Tokyo Disney Land, Disney Sea and so on. The first time when I saw snow falling, I was very happyJ. But after 2 years, sadly, we went back to Philippines. I'm also happy here in Philippines.

Next, my hobbies are drawing an Anime, watching Anime and playing video games. (I'm a girl. I don't mind if you can call me a guy. I'm ignoring it.)

Lastly, my favorite subject is History. Because, when we had a lesson about History of Philippines and Japan, I felt so interested in it. I kept on searching about it and I felt more exciting. Specially in Japan History, I felt so much exciting. (Did I talk too much about Japan?) Because of this, I had a dream of building a TIME MACHINE and went back to the PAST!!!!! (I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!)

I can tell you more about me but first, I will publish some my Anime drawings next time. So, NICE TO MEET YOU!!! J