Friday, February 11, 2011

Las Pinas City Jail o_O

Hey Guys! How was your day? Well, mine, was so fun!!!! Of course we had a club.. But after that we the Siglo Chorale (singing group) went to Las Pinas City Jail!!! You know why? Because we did something wrong!!!
JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!! >.<
The truth is, we are going to perform for the female inmates. I was so scared at first, but, when I saw the faces of the female inmates, they looked so innocent. I thought they were so serious but, they were too kind! They laughed at our performance too!!! J
Well.. So much for that..
After we performed, we went back to our school and ate lunch!! (I was so hungry! The food was delicious!!)
*That reminds me.. when we passed through the men inmates.. I was scared!!!

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