Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is LOVE???

What is love? Well, for me, Love is one the important thing in one person’s life. It also means “Soul Mate”. When you fell in love with a boy/girl, you show your feelings and your emotions right? But some other people were too shy to show their feelings to the person that he/she loves. Some other people say that making a love is too risky. It’s true but you need to have to try your best so that he/she may fell in love with you. They may call it “Love is BLIND”. When you saw your friend is falling in love with someone, try to support him/her. Right now, I also support my friend, because I want her to be happy. That’s my real support.

Of course, you can show your love to your family, cousins, your best friends and GOD.

Some people try their best but they didn’t really act natural. I’d tried to ask them to act natural but they keeping on acting cool, trying to be cute and more. You should not act something that doesn’t belong to your attitude. Because the person you love may not fall in love. Just act natural so your crush will know what is your REAL attitude.

If you want to be successful, DON’T GIVE UP. JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. -Chiaki

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