Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Lonely Girl"

I'll tell you a short story.
There was a young girl who is very kind, cheerful and very active. She even participate and cooperate well in her school. But, there's only one thing we don't know about her.
She had best friends in her old school. They have same attitude like her. But, when she transfered, she felt different. That school she just transfered, she noticed that almost all of the girls were flirting. She said that she don't like flirty friends. but she decided to be friendly with them. After 1 year, all of her friends almost ignored her. She thought, 'I feel like I'm invisible. When I talk to them they just don't reply. Why it always happen like this?' she keeps on thinking of how she can conclude her question. But she could'nt find any answer. She said 'It's alright. Even though they keep on ignoring me I still have my old friends inside my heart.'  She hoped that she and her friends will have an relationship again.
You know what happened in the end? Well, guess it. When you ignored one friend, what do you feel when you read this short story? You feel like pityful right? Or maybe when you were ignored, what do you feel? You feel that your lonely right?
At least she have an understandable cat :))

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