Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Summer this 2011

Yes! Summer is near!! I hope our Summer will be great! Every year me and my family always have Summer plans. But some of our plans didn’t worked. But this year, I want to make our plans come true.

Do you remember I told you about when I was in Japan? (if you didn’t remember it’s in my “About Myself”) I’ve said that I would wish I can go back to Japan right? Well, that’s our plan for this year’s Summer. Right now Japan is in the season of Spring. Maybe we might go to Japan this April. (we are not really sure o_O)

Our plan is, when we go to Japan (of course we will stay at my grandmother’s house) we will go first to the shopping mall. Then Tokyo Disney Land, Tokyo Disney Sea, Sea Paradise and then Nasu. Sea Paradise is like an Amusement Park. And Nasu is a place near to Saitama Prefecture and my grandmother’s old house is there. It’s very nice place someday I can show you the pictures and videos of this place. As I was saying, if you don’t know where is Saitama Prefecture, it’s near to Tokyo. Recently we are staying in Yokohama. Yokohama is also a big city like Tokyo. We might also go to Kyoto or Osaka or Okinawa.These places are very rich in our influence. Lastly, since my birthday is in June 10, I might celebrate there in Japan. (oh no! I’m going to be 15 years old!! O_o)

We will go a lot of places in Japan. Why? Because we really missed a lot staying there. We were hoping that we can be able to have a enjoyable life in Japan. We also want to go there in Christmas, but our plan was failed last year. (there was full of snow in Nasu that winter!!) I’m sure this Summer will be a BLAST!!!!!


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