Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Favorite Sport!

Some people like sports..some people don’t like sports because they’re too lazy. Sport is one of the most important event in your life. It makes you to be more physically and mentally fit. And more importantly sports makes you more thin and right Smile. There are many sports this kind of century. Like, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming and more.

Now I would like to tell you some of my favorite sports.

First is SWIMMING. Why? When I was young like kinder, we had swimming lesson in our school. I was too scared to go in the pool and too scared that I might drown. But few months later I began to train myself and there!~~I trained and trained and becoming better. When I was in Grade 6, my time limit was 48 seconds in 25 meter freestyle. And now, my latest time limit is 23 seconds in 50 meter freestyle. Good huh??

Second is SOCCER. My dad teaches me Soccer because he’s the coach manager before in Japanese Football Association. And my grandfather is the most popular soccer player in Japan ONLY. But right now he’s retiring. Too bad. As I was saying, my favorite sport is Soccer because I was the captain of Female Soccer before in my other school. I was the corner kicker and the shooter. it’s kind a hard though it was fun.

Lastly is KENDO. What is Kendo? Kendo is a swordsmanship Martial Arts and it was from Japan. But, we are using a “Bamboo Sword” or “Wooden Sword”. I’m using Wooden Sword now. We use our Katana or Japanese sword as our design or decoration. My dad also teaches me Kendo. He was the “Black Belt” rank. What do we wear? We are wearing just like this Anime background. It’s hot when you wear it but it’s traditional. I like this sport because it’s fun. Not just because it’s fun, there are many things that can’t tell about this sport. Hehe..

Having a favorite sport makes you be more active and more fun. But sometimes when you lose, you feel sad. But that’s okay. Sport is just not for winning in a tournament it’s also having a experience of what you had expressed.


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