Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My school, Bloomfield Academy

When I heard about “Bloomfield” it reminds me of an imagination…A field of blooming flowers and dreams…It is so nice to hear this kind of word. It is so peaceful feeling when I hear this word. How about you? Can you feel it inside?

Bloomfield Academy…There are a lot of nice and kind teachers in this school. Not only the teachers, even students, administrators and maintenance and more. We also have a lot of activities (like now, we have culminating activities) and events. And we attended mass every first Friday of the Month. I like about this school because this school is Catholic school and almost all of them are Christ-centered. There are a lot of reasons I like about Bloomfield Academy. Even my Parents loves Bloomfield Academy. That’s why my mom always attended mass in my school too. (my dad is a Buddhist and that time, he’s at work)

I know our school is small, but big in our dreams.

All teachers in this school are very good at teaching. Once they teach you the basic, you get it already. That’s why we students are great in studies already. Smile 

And the students in this school are very friendly. I was the new student in this school year 2010 – 2011. And then after few days, I have many friends already. I felt like “Wow! The students in this school are very kind and friendly!”.

Studying here in Bloomfield is fun. Sometimes they are strict, but they are always nice Smile. I really can’t say about this school because it’s very nice school. I want to make our to be more like a “A field filled with DREAMS”.

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