Thursday, March 17, 2011

(: HS2 Computer class and my Teacher :)

Ahh…Computer Class…One of my favorite subjects. It makes me feel like I want to be an Animator already!!!! Like what I said: My Dream is to become an Animator. It also makes my mind relax. It felt like you don’t have any problems, just focusing on our topic in Computer Class. And or teacher, is…..SIR WENG CARBALLO!!!!! JJJJJ

I was surprised when our teacher was Sir Weng in computer class. I know our classmates are nervous and scared because of Sir Weng was being so strict these past days. My classmates were so quiet in our computer class every Thursday. (you know, they were so noisy in our classroom like we were in a Zoo.) But for me, I’m fine with Sir Weng. He doesn’t look so strict, he’s kind a like a nice and kind teacher. Sir Weng is also sometimes very funny and makes jokes a lot. He was one of the great computer teachers I know.

In our computer class, Sir Weng gave us a lot of Activities. Like back at the 1st Quarter, we had a lesson called “HTML”. I know….it’s hard. But I’ve memorized some of HTML codes. (It’s so hard to memorize! >.<) Even in 2nd and 3rd Quarter we had that kind of lesson too. But in 3rd Quarter that time we used Dreamweaver. And now, our topic this 4th Quarter is……..MAKING A BLOG SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was surprised and happy when Sir Weng said we will make our Blog site. I felt “YES!!!!!!!!!!!! BLOG SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHHHHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” like that. And there! This Blog site is for our computer class. We all love to make blogs because it’s fun J

I’m so glad that there’s a computer subject. Making these blogs makes our classmates and I can get closer by reading each other’s posts.

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