Wednesday, February 16, 2011

!My Idol!

I see everybody has an idol. Some of their idols are celebrities, sports players, famous people and so on. Well some of them make their idols as their inspiration. You know why? For me, people think their idols are very cool, intelligent, very attractive or maybe just because that their idol is handsome or beautiful.

This time, my category is all about TEACHER-IDOL. (it’s for our project Smile) My teacher is now in Bloomfield Academy. I won’t tell you the name but I can describe about her. She is excellent in teaching, she is very kind and very thoughtful. sometimes she is very strict but inside her heart she is a very kind teacher. there are more about her but I can’t tell enough.

We really love our teachers in our school. Why? Because they are trying to make us having a better future. They also gives us knowledge to know why we need to have an education. I really understand about how they feel. If the teachers won’t give up so am I. We students sacrifice ourselves to make our teachers happy. We hoped that our teachers will be proud because of what we did some good things. We sometimes are scared of teachers because of what we did wrong to them. But the truth is, we really love our teachers. We always care for them. We try our best to be able to be a successful person. We hoped that the teachers will be a successful person too.


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